Tag: Free Tips To Drive More Traffic

As a business owner, you know… time spent is valuable time regardless of how it is spent. So who wants to spend countless hours posting on their social media accounts keeping their finger’s crossed that you will get a few likes and possibly a new lead on a client or pass through onto your website. This to me, is like playing at the craps table in Las Vegas (something I have only watched from a distance). Throw the dice and its all about the odds.

NOT SO MUCH!! I like to play a bit more calculated, and so can you. Here are the top 5 FREE tips to drive more traffic to your site and accounts. (7 more helpful hints below)


We are in the day and age of constant information and it can come as an overload. Make sure your content is pertinent to what you do, who you are, and what you have to sell.


If your content is there, make sure it is engaging. Images usually draw people in more than just words, so see if you can spend a little time coming up with an image of your product or a graphic of your quote to catch that visual eye. This alone gives you access to people on another level than just scrolling through their updates. You can leave an impression on them. more