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When I was in Costa Rica recently, I was in an area that has been greatly influenced economically by the yoga industry. I had the chance to get to know the management team at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort and in conversation we started discussing some passion projects we all have. One thing lead to the next and pretty soon Yoga + Life & GOYO Adventures teams were touring a school in Esperanza (means Hope) that had been devastated by an earthquake several years back.

My momma always told me that if you can help a child, you will help our future.

I know this is off the grid for a lot of you but in an industry where we travel quite a bit, we need to leave a sustainable impact on the countries and communities we travel to. The yoga and tourism industry has changed Nosara, Costa Rica forever. If every yogi gives just a little, this school which is now serving over 125 students, can be moved, rebuilt and the kids can go to school again with “normal” conditions conducive to learning. more