MYMSummerCover2015-WebI once had a dream of being on the cover of a yoga magazine. It HAPPENED – dream manifested!! What are you dreaming about?

Even the most successful entrepreneurs, coaches and celebrities utilize the help of a personal coach!

As an experienced magazine publisher, author, media company founder, TV host, teacher, mentor, motivator, entrepreneur and speaker – you can spend time with me each week working on specific tasks to help take you to the next level.

ARE YOU READY TO DO THIS??  If change is so imminent you can’t sit still, I invite you to start NOW! Read on and we will be chatting with you soon!

I only work with a couple of clients personally at a time to really devote myself to your intentions.  xo, Juli

Here is how it works:
  1. Initial Consultation: I take pride in truly qualifying you. An initial free consultation will begin the process before you begin your program. This is an important step in your process.
  2. Sessions: These are typically 1 hour appointments.. We discuss what needs to be addressed and goals for the following week. We chat on the phone or over video chat, whichever you prefer.
  3. Email Support: You will receive full email access with me to weigh in at any time.  In addition, I too can reach out via email or text anytime as well for quick feedback, more guidance, inspirations, and celebrations etc. (I really do become your ally).
  4. Commitment: A mentoring program is most successful with a fixed commitment – not a “try it and see how it goes” mentality. This leaves room for excuses and for life to continue to get in your way. It takes time to change your habits, find new circles, get a new business off the ground, surround yourself with positive people, create clear focus, get healthy… etc.
  5. Investment:  This is an investment in you. We go through most of life alone, this is a big moment for real change. Be bold in doing something different as you aspire for different results than your previous comfort zone & have me by your side for that external support.
  6. BLOG Access: Once in the tribe, you will gain full access to our Video Blog (vlog). I promise it to be inspirational, entertaining and it fulfills my need to be on TV without having to get up at 3am anymore. From workouts to recipes, parenting and sticky situations, I will cover it all.


If you wish to set up your first consultation, simply EMAIL ME RIGHT NOW :-).