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The truth is I am a total business, media, computer, and yoga geek! I am equally comfortable in the board room or on stage as I am in my yoga pants. I have worked through my intimidation factor and find blending the two to be the ultimate challenge!

**I help people find clarity and a clear path in just about any stage they may be in their life and business.

**I offer HIGH PERFORMANCE business coaching as a project-based or retained Executive Advisor. This can be done on an individual basis with Executives as well as their teams. Helping companies see the opportunity in leading from the full human-condition approach, rather than just trying to motivate from the bottom line –  this approach moves the needle even more as an end result.

**I offer entrepreneurial opportunities for the right individuals through my Yoga + Life™ brand with regional magazines, events and writing opportunities for those who are investment ready.

**I facilitate my BUSINESS retreats all over the country for entrepreneurs who are stuck in the idea phase. I help businesses and yoga-minded entrepreneurs to spread their financial wings towards success in an industry where profit sometimes gets lost with passion. You CAN have both!

**I offer YOGA RETREATS for all types of people. Not all our retreats are just yoga-related, however some element of health, exploration, and personal growth accompanies our global destinations. For solo travelers and groups, from never-evers to the wild and adventurous. I personally host 4 retreats a year. www.goyoadventures.com

**I offer coaching & lifestyle intensives for those who need full immersion into a transformation in their life.

**I offer online courses in a variety of topics through YOGAmentors.com

**I travel the world and help make a difference through acts of global sustainable love wherever we go by partnering with non-profits through all our for-profit ventures.

**I help guide businesses through their statements and actions of social responsibility.

**I use to build websites, was on TV a producer, documentaries, I have owned a yoga studio, managed many many wellness programs, started and sold a few businesses, etc.  Additionally, I am only able to do a little bit of individual mentoring for the truly qualified but encourage people to participate in any of my small group ventures.

**I facilitate and speak at conferences, on webinars, and for seminars.

**We create, make, and sell Bonjuli Jewelry. (shop now!)

**I manifest things.

**I help you manifest things and remove the B.S.

**I teach and practice a lot of yoga, meditation, and personal clearing and goal setting.

Sometimes what you think you need isn’t exactly what you need at all, and using my outlets thought, Yoga, Media, and Travel for personal work and growth can help you flourish in all other aspects of your life including your relationships and your work life.

If you are still reading, cool! Here is a little more about me…

Other than being from Minnesota originally (ohyeahyoubetchya) I’m am a Colorado transplant. Work for me isn’t like work anymore, as a business strategist, part media maven and part spiritual ass-kicker with a side of yoga-mom-skier-runner-fashionista-travel girl, I am always looking for that next amazing opportunity – but for others. Some have called me a “manifesting machine”. I love the challenge to live up to this title.

I find my personal/energetic connection with individuals can be quite profound and enjoy offering retreats, leading online trainings, coaching individuals and teams, all the while teaching yoga and fitness classes in my home studio in Breckenridge, Colorado as well as around the world as I travel. There are a lot of ways we can work together!

My gift to give: I choose to shine behind the light of others. I have a unique gift of seeing all that is possible even when you can not yourself. We all have a seed (bija) or idea that we dream of realizing. I want to help you succeed at manifesting this, removing obstacles and realizing your dreams and goals in this life giving you a new voice while doing so. This is done with a modern, real-time business approach while staying connected to ones’ own ethereal energies of the heart and mind – or being true to you.

So how does it work? The real key to your success is CLARITY. But first you have to get rid of all the BS that is holding you back – in life, work, and family – layer by layer. Sometimes it can be deep and thick. (yuck, right?) As long as you decide then you really CAN change jobs, get that online business running, write that book, find new relationships, move to a new town, teach that class, launch that product…etc. With my expertise, experience and guidance, I can provide you with the strategy and vision you have been unable to find on your own and help you move into a path of less resistance.

Presenting as the Editor of Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine.

Presenting as the Editor of Rocky Mountain Bride Magazine.

The difference between people who succeed and those that don’t isn’t luck, it is clarity, purpose and vision. I have learned to live my life based on synchronous events and am not afraid of change. But getting to this point takes some guidance in moving with less resistance. We were never really intended to go at it alone. So why should you think you won’t need any help either?

Working with me is pretty straight-forward. I help you see what you have been ignoring and I couple this with the perspective of setting the intention of all intentions while helping you avoid the many predictable pitfalls along the way… and trust me… they are there! After all, yoga IS just transformation in disguise – simply a tool.

By following me you access my network and will be included in a unique network of thousands of like-minded people who always ask “why not” instead of taking no for an answer. You gain access to media, mindfulness, strategy, support, community and sharing of each others’ stories.


Your mantra and often times mine!

I promise to bring you the very best of what I am and what I AM learning and living with each day (family, magazines, media, business, successes/failures++). You will also get a little bit of my humor (okay a lot) and of course, a lot of love. So be sure to sign up and stay connected, and I look forward to working with you!


To inquire about a speaking engagement, please email me for availability. 🙂


Juli Rathke – Professional Bio

Entrepreneur. Publisher. TV Host. Media Expert. Author & Mentor.

About Juli:

  • Named to top 50 Motivational Yogis to Follow on Twitter.
  • Yogini Entrepreneur – 15+ years
  • Experienced in Startups, Acquisitions, Marketing, Multi-Platform Media, and Sales
  • Founder Global Retreat Company | www.GoyoAdventures.com
  • Yoga & Fitness Leader Industry Professional for 20+ years with a multitude of certifications
  • Keynote Motivation and Inspirational Speaker & Author
  • Featured in Origin Magazine’s “Influential Women” February, 2014
  • TV Host, Producer, Resort Sports Network and Outside Television
  • Co-Founder at Meta Yoga Studios/Schools a destination studio and yoga school in Breckenridge, Colorado
  • Co-Founder/Owner at Bonjuli Designs inspirational jewelry company
  • Co-Founder Media Company, Documentaries
  • Philanthropy work with many organizations, fundraising, media, and event emcee
  • Other: B.S in Exercise Science. Former National Fitness Presenter. Yoga & Fitness Teacher 20+ Years. Live TV Morning Show Host & Producer. TV Packages CNN Headline News & Weather Channel. Fitness Tips for Outside Television. TV Producer. Host to Prenatal Yoga DVD. Private and Public Sector Management. Marketing Committee Tourism. Mom. Wife. Lover of Music and Travel. Trail Runner. Skier. Yogi.  More about Juli here.

Be Bold. Be Inspired. Be Authentic.