The highlight reel of gratitude… 2015

One of my own personal traditions is to recap the year in gratitude for all that was lived, loved, shared, accomplished, and created. Join me in doing the same as we approach another trip around the sun together.

One of the highlights this year was to see my father retire after 48 years in the same industry and 38+ years as a successful entrepreneur. So proud and wish I to be half the business person he is.

Another highlight was to enjoy a trip to Bali in May with my mother who had never left the US before. It was her first stamp of many more to come on her passport.

My younger sister was also with as we celebrated her 40th Birthday at Michael Franti’s home in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. One to remember for all of us. (pictured: That’s me working hanging out in the Soul of Sunshine Room at the compound!)

In April, after 18 months in the planning, we printed our first Yoga+Life Magazine in Minnesota. At the close of the year our group had grown adding Colorado, New York, Seattle-Portland, and Southern California with our 2nd Y+L Summit in Nosara, Costa Rica. This is my dream manifested. We are affecting lives and telling stories.

My youngest son started Kindergarten this year, a monumental time for all moms. Being a mom continues to be my best “Job” and continues to pleasantly challenge me all the time.

We mountain biked in Utah. We SUP’ed on Havasu, I swam in the Indian Ocean, we pontoon boated in northern MN, we spent 2 weeks exploring Montana this summer in our camper just me & my husband, kids and 2 dogs.

I was able to return to our “jungle home” in Mexico with my partner in crime, Emily as we finally decided to launch our retreat company after so many successful trips together. GOYO Adventures was born October 1st.

I was SO incredibly honored to have 11 women from my small home town in MN come out to Breckenridge, Colorado, to spend 5 days with me in an autumn retreat. I know where I’m from and blessed to remain connected to my roots.

I worked with several amazing clients this year, all whom have had amazing accomplishments each in their own right. Big kudos to all of you!

I was invited to speak at an entrepreneurial conference this year which will steer much of my efforts for 2016.

We sold our home this year after 9 years of memories. But are quickly making memories in our new place. The kids love living in town.

I took up skate skiing this year finally, and got my own equipment while my daughter started the Nordic prep team.

My son is making his way in the music industry, and so proud to see him getting booked doing weddings, club events, and Friday Night Yoga Club this year.

I went sailing for the first time and have a whole new appreciation for the sport.

I enjoyed another healthy season on the ski slopes around Breckenridge.

I officiated a wedding to two amazing friends!

My family was in a Toyota Car commercial (yes my husband too!)

My husband is still my number #1 fan and I am his and continues to love my crazy a$$ ideas.

I was able to spend quality time with my “besties” this year… Wendy, Stacy, Christina, Holli, and Emily as we continue to travel the world together, grow our families, and continue to find ourselves through friendship.

So grateful for all the memories. To anyone or thing I missed, I am who I am today because of the experiences I have had with you.





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