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The holidays are a stressful time for many while they budget extra expenses into their lives for gifts, travel and the like. But maybe there’s more going on with your money relationships than the annual visit from Santa Clause. Maybe this holiday season, gift yourself the power to address your financial future.

What’s your relationship like with money? We all have one.

Whether or not you have all the money in the world, our relationship with money affects how we think and do things on a daily basis. more

Some days our heads spin. We know what we need to do but given the choice, we choose to stay in the exact same place physically, mentally and emotionally and DO NOTHING ABOUT IT! Does this sound like you? Are you craving a little head space? Do you believe you can actually change your DNA? If so, I have a 7 day meditation sequence I would like for you to try to help clear out some of those cobwebs. Don’t fret, we all have them, but getting back to that place of clarity and balance takes commitment. We can read all we want, listen all we want, but until we put in the time, the true expansion of ourselves isn’t going to really happen.


ClothespileRecently I was inspired by a woman who attended one of my retreats. She was working towards adopting a minimalist’s wardrobe. I have been thinking about practicing this myself for months now and on the eve of a move out of the home I have lived in for almost 9 years, there seems to be no time like the present to go for it! More details about how you can do this below, it is a super empowering practice.

“No time like the present” can be a tough one. We spend so much time planning and scheduling and brainstorming that sometimes we miss the real moment of opportunity in our lives. Below are a few steps you can take to learn to weed out the limiting forces and factors in your life, just like you need to throw out those jeans from 1992 – guess what – they will never be back in style and if they are, your daughter should wear them. 😉 more

SistersThis is me on the left at about 9 or 10 with my sister. The same age my daughter is now. I grew up in small town in rural Minnesota. I visit here often as most of my family and relatives are still in the MN area. There was always the joke growing up that only 1 person from each family “gets” to leave here. (I am that black sheep.) My children’s names were acquired by walking through the cemetery at the rural church (not so grim, it’s quite beautiful) reading the tomb stones of all my passed relatives, and where my grandma was the first female allowed on the church council. The history is long and my memories are mine and sometimes differ from my siblings, but they all remain fond. Every time I am here I recall the long days outside playing, milking goats, toiling in the garden, chicken harvesting to riding our bikes to the lake, digging for worms, mosquitos (swat), flashlight tag etc…. The memories so fond that I insist my children get to experience the life on the “farm” here in Minnesota with a long summer trip every year and we never miss a holiday season. more

A not so fun topic at first, but when addressed, the impact is HUGE. This is where it all begins usually though, with all my clients. Where are you at with yourself? How are you feeling about you?

If you want to change your life, you don’t need to change the world. You just need to change yourself and the way you interact with the world. Adopting a positive self-image is not about feeling good and expecting everything to work out just fine. A positive self-image is about believing in your  more

Remember the last time you made a really tough decision and just weren’t sure of the outcome no matter which way you went? Remember when you last took a big risk and still weren’t sure if you had done the right thing?

I am sure at each of those moments you had a group of cheerleaders right at your side cheering you on helping you to validate your decision…. right? We aren’t in high school anymore (or Kansas, Dorothy)… so the answer to this is – not so much.


Do Business & Yoga Mix? For me it’s the perfect combination of everything I have ever known.

AND by the way… MN Yoga Magazine is released TODAY! It’s finally here – (sneak peek below)

After a few years of figuring out how to launch the multi-regional yoga + wellness + lifestyle publications, I am so proud to announce the first of our regional magazines is finally out on the stands! MN Yoga Magazine. You may be asking… why did I want to do it so badly? IT wasn’t and isn’t because I want to use up more paper, in fact,  more

Everyday we are faced with choices. Choices that can easily be summarized into two categories. EXPANSION OR SURVIVAL. This is true in all facets of our personal lives, business, networking, family and beyond. Ultimately if we choose survival we stay exactly where we are, limiting our potential until we choose differently. I work with people on how to help shift your decision-making into choosing EXPANSION over the self-limiting aspect of survival. Here are a few tips I have found to help you create more expansion in your life.

1. Ask Why. Why are you doing it or anything for that matter! Why are you meeting with that person for the 15th time to go over the same thing again and again. Is this behavior limiting or empowering?

2. Create a YES filter. Ultimately your goals are only achieved by you focusing on them. If you are too easily distracted, create a way to say NO to the things that lead to survival and YES to the things that create this growth and expansion in your life. more

One of my own personal traditions is to recap the year in gratitude for all that was lived, loved, shared, accomplished, and created. Join me in doing the same as we approach another trip around the sun together.

One of the highlights this year was to see my father retire after 48 years in the same industry and 38+ years as a successful entrepreneur. So proud and wish I to be half the business person he is.

Another highlight was to enjoy a trip to Bali in May with my mother who had never left the US before. It was her first stamp of many more to come on her passport.