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Remember the last time you made a really tough decision and just weren’t sure of the outcome no matter which way you went? Remember when you last took a big risk and still weren’t sure if you had done the right thing?

I am sure at each of those moments you had a group of cheerleaders right at your side cheering you on helping you to validate your decision…. right? We aren’t in high school anymore (or Kansas, Dorothy)… so the answer to this is – not so much.


Do Business & Yoga Mix? For me it’s the perfect combination of everything I have ever known.

AND by the way… MN Yoga Magazine is released TODAY! It’s finally here – (sneak peek below)

After a few years of figuring out how to launch the multi-regional yoga + wellness + lifestyle publications, I am so proud to announce the first of our regional magazines is finally out on the stands! MN Yoga Magazine. You may be asking… why did I want to do it so badly? IT wasn’t and isn’t because I want to use up more paper, in fact,  more

Hey everyone! As a magazine publisher I have been asked countless times, “How do you decide what goes into the magazine?” “How do I get my work noticed and/or how do I get my story published?” A lot of thought goes into each and every magazine and though it isn’t a perfect science on how you can get noticed, I promise if you follow the insider tips, you will get a lot closer to making it to the editor’s desk than had you bombarded them with a thousand emails asking them if you can contribute.



As a business owner, you know… time spent is valuable time regardless of how it is spent. So who wants to spend countless hours posting on their social media accounts keeping their finger’s crossed that you will get a few likes and possibly a new lead on a client or pass through onto your website. This to me, is like playing at the craps table in Las Vegas (something I have only watched from a distance). Throw the dice and its all about the odds.

NOT SO MUCH!! I like to play a bit more calculated, and so can you. Here are the top 5 FREE tips to drive more traffic to your site and accounts. (7 more helpful hints below)


We are in the day and age of constant information and it can come as an overload. Make sure your content is pertinent to what you do, who you are, and what you have to sell.


If your content is there, make sure it is engaging. Images usually draw people in more than just words, so see if you can spend a little time coming up with an image of your product or a graphic of your quote to catch that visual eye. This alone gives you access to people on another level than just scrolling through their updates. You can leave an impression on them. more

Here it is. The list I have been working on for over a decade. But in actuality, this list is about 100 points long. The reason I know this is because I have made ALL THESE MISTAKES myself. And I want to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes that most new business owners make.

With that in mind, we need to make sure to LEARN from our mistakes as well, so let’s get to it and I will share below how I have changed how I do business over the years as a result!


If you are a business owner running your business from home, the worst thing you can do is stay home day after day. You can’t create impact on the world without real relationships, and these don’t happen on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere related to a laptop. Make a goal to leave your house/office several times per week. It will help you network, educate and get more ideas to run your show.


One of the best quotes ever!! “The journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step.” Lao Tzu

This is my first post on this V-blog and I am so excited to actually be DOING this rather than PLANNING it. It is exciting because this is day 1 of step 1 in taking action on something I am whole-heartedly committed to. I know this is my calling, and I am going to share it with you and the world.

It seems as though we all have these ideas and we are constantly thinking about how good of an idea it is but yet, we struggle with knowing how to take that first step and put it into action.

I have been there time and time again. Until one day I just said “screw it”… what is the worse thing that could happen? Fall flat on my face? Be embarrassed amongst peers, lose all my money? Find myself in a place I may be actually doing what I love and making a difference in people’s lives while I am doing it? You get where I am going with this? more