Just Announced – The YOGI BUSINESS Retreat

A Retreat like no other. Work on your bottom line and your “ASSana” in the same retreat.

Join me in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado in the autumn season and let’s not only “retreat” together but let’s work on your business strategy too. When was the last time your retreat was a business write off?

Who should attend this retreat?

  1. Existing business owners who need help determining what the next step is for them in launching their business to the next level.
  2. New entrepreneurs who are hoping to launch a business within the next year.
  3. Anyone trying to hone in on making a career in the wellness industry.
  4. Wellness professionals who need help separating business goals from passion projects.
  5. Individuals who may be looking to brand themselves and/or a particular product or service they provide.
  6. Teachers, Studio Owners, Managers, YTT Facilitators, Wellness Industry Professionals, Retreat Facilitators, Writers, Specialists, Wanna-be’s!


How much yoga will there be?

I have been teaching and practicing yoga for over two decades. It has taught me that a regular meditation and yoga practice clears the mind and can help you to detach from emotional decision-making. The process of working on the mat makes working off the mat that much more focused. We go through a daily practice with reflection and intentions that parallel over to your work space. No real yoga experience necessary, but leave with a plan to continue this practice.

How much Business work will there be?

When we aren’t doing yoga or some fun outdoor group activity (hiking, biking, etc) we will be in room with laptops open. This means be ready for everything. From website analysis to social media strategy, marketing, tag-lines, logos, core foundations, goal-setting including special guests… we will put forth a plan for you so that when you leave you are inspired to not only maintain your yoga practice, but you will have a powerful tool to use your practice to help launch your business in the direction set forth through this retreat process. Leave with clear direction on how to steer your brand towards success… and that does mean financial success.

How do I find out more?

If you are unsure if this is right for you, just email me and we can qualify you. But I can tell you right now, if you are thinking this MAY be right for you, it probably is. There is no time like the present. Choose to invest in the power of you, I promise you won’t regret it.





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