Juli TV To Launch April 5th, 2016

First and foremost, people have been requesting this of me for a long time. And now, after many years on TV and then just as many years publishing magazines, I have decided to bring you the best of what I am living and learning each and everyday through business, entrepreneurship, writing, family, children, yoga, travel, humor, food, coffee (now you know where my brain is) with a weekly dose of Juli TV. One of the best things I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is that there are a lot of people out there trying to go at it alone, researching, updating, building websites with little to no one supporting their journey.

And its not just for the business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, THIS is for everyone! It’s about doing it together, creating a community around being happier, healthier and successful in pursuing your passions, making real positive change in your life that helps you serve in being the best YOU possible.

What will we talk about?
Lots of Marketing Tips
Your Yoga Practice
Growing Up
Growing Old
Fitness Tips
Cooking (at least a recipe here and there)
(No politics, sorry Trump)
and more++

With interviews of all kinds of OMazing people along the way. This REALLY is my favorite part. I will be attending some great conferences all over the country this summer, some perhaps in your neck of the woods, and the cameras will be rolling.

So, I promise it will worth it to subscribe. Let’s do this together!

Please share your comments below on what you want to see first. So excited to bring this to all of you and I’m honored you will watch and share when you feel connected and inspired to do so.

Sound off… I am all ears!



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