The New Year is upon us. How are you feeling?

Some of you may be ready to rock it, but have you cleared the head space yet?

It’s the “out with the old and in with the new” adage, and as the year closes, many of us are eager to dive into with a fresh start – new goals, new ideas and new motivation.

But I want to caution you because without truly seeing where you have been and have a clear understanding of it, moving forward is like jumping back on the same ferris wheel that made you throw up the three previous times you rode it. You know the saying, doing something exactly the same way but expecting different results is the definition of “stupidity”.


Today’s business tip comes from the simple reminder that if we all just work smarter, we won’t necessarily have to work harder. But this is easier said than done. So how does one go about working smarter when they are constantly caught up in the day-to-day minutia of their business? Well, when I ask any of my clients the following questions, it usually helps set their mindset in the right direction. So read the following tips to help determine if you can work a little smarter too.

1. Hire experienced help. – You get what you pay for. Be willing to pay for good help and in return you can rest assure they are doing a better job than you would if you were doing it yourself. Which leads us to number 2.

2. Don’t do it all yourself. – You are an expert at your business, but that doesn’t mean you are good at every aspect of owning your business (not busyness). If social media isn’t your thing… don’t do it. Employ or empower one of your team members to go hog wild. Of course, supervise the content, but don’t beat yourself up if you just don’t like to get on Facebook. Realize it is necessary, but not necessarily for you.

3. Leave once in awhile. – Can your business run without you? If not, assess what you have done to create this co-dependency and begin to take strides in freeing yourself on a (can be small) regular basis.

4. Who is your IDEAL client? – Can you answer this? Or do you just take any warm-blooded person who calls or walks through the door. Could you specify who it is you work best with and target that particular audience?

5. Charge what you are worth. – People like to pay good money for good service and products. Focus on your delivery, being more personal, followup and then… charge more.

If you are interested in help with any of the above items or assessing how you can work smarter, click here for more business advise.

Do you have an idea for a new business, a service, a book, a start-up or perhaps even a career path change??


Want to know a sure-fire way if you will succeed?

SURE!!! We all do.

If there is a way, I promise I have spent the past 15 years trying to figure it out.

Whoa… I feel like I have a new idea every day. I would never have the bandwidth to act on them all. So how do I know which ones are the good ones?

I have discovered there are a few questions you can ask yourself to really assess your “success rate” with all of your wild and crazy ideas!

Watch the video for these FIVE QUESTIONS and discover if your ideas are good enough for you to take ACTION!

Then comment below what you discovered or share your story and next steps towards realizing your ideas into reality.



When I was 20 I was single mom, in college, working part-time, and on food stamps. I had to learn real quick what “taking control” of my life meant.

Most of us spend an entire lifetime trying to not let what other people think slow us down in pursuing our dreams. When in reality, the fear of caring too much about what other people think often prevents us from moving from the “talking about it” phase into the “taking action” phase and pushes us back to just “thinking about” it phase.

Analysis Paralysis at it’s finest!

Do you have an idea you are trying to put out to the world? Are you trying to level up in life, work or in your career?

OR… are your ideas of success, health, and happiness just a pipe dream in your head?

Watch this post on how to take your ideas from just an idea into real action.

People who take action on a DAILY BASIS are generally happier and more successful in their lives and careers – both emotionally happier and financially more successful.

So get out of your head and start with prioritizing just 1 ACTION PER DAY towards a dream goal of yours. Start talking, and then start taking 1 step daily.

I promise… just a few days into this new way of thinking/talking/acting will feel like you have made a year’s worth of progress!

PLEASE comment in the comments below on how this is working for you. It only takes just 1 person to share and then we all can learn from each others’ experiences toward being a bolder version of yourself.

P.S. Commenting is TAKING ACTION!



Cool card, huh?

I received this in the mail this week and it made me feel fricken’ amazing, AND it inspired me to write this post. Watch how the power of a “thank you” can help you get what you want in life, business, and relationships.

To order this cool card, or products like this, please visit: and tell them Juli sent you!


The Thanker

  • Produces positive emotional state
  • Increases sense of well being
  • Triggers ‘feel good’ hormones
  • Re-enforces virtuous cycle in your brain

The Thankee

  • Feels higher levels of self worth
  • Triggers greater desire to help Thanker
  • Triggers helpful behaviors toward others
  • Appreciate being needed
  • Feel more socially valued

Thank Bombing
The benefits of showing gratitude are powerful and enormous. And we have so many opportunities every day. How many people can you think of you can thank just today alone? What about in your past? Who can you think of that you can thank again with more passion? (ooh la la)

Let’s start a Thank Bombing trend. We’ll all just start thanking the crap out of everybody! Who ever does a good deed, helps us in anyway, who we see helping someone else, whatever! Get those hormones racing, self esteems rising, moods elevating — it’ll be an all out party! Let’s DO IT!

Tell me what you are living and learning in the comments below. Would love to hear from you… oh and THANK YOU for watching and being so awesome!!

xo, Juli



Ok – we all do it. Shit happens and we look around for all those unsuspecting folks to point blame.

Often times, as you well know, we need to look to ourselves to find the answers in these times of total uncertainty.

BEEN THERE? I was just this past week!

Use these 8 simple questions to help you evaluate where you are, perhaps how you got there and then, where you are going next will soon be revealed by your truths!

Sorry for the hair/sweaty clothes, but that is MY TRUTH! 😉

These questions come from Brendon Burchard’s Transformation Truths, which I just love and wanted to share with you all today. Just like he gives me clarity at times, I hope too the relationship we are all creating is that I am a clarity worker just for you!!

Watch the video.

Ask yourself the eight questions in the video. View the questions in the link above.

Don’t judge or beat yourself up about the answers.

Sit on it for a while.


Soon the answers to the change you need will start to surface… I promise.

Let me know what you think, and what these 8 questions stir up for you in the comments below. I would love to chat with you!





Do you ever feel like time is “just a ticking away”?

Do you wish you could “turn back time”?

Once in awhile do you feel like “time is on your side”?

Whatever the song, whatever the saying, the truth remains that we all have the exact same amount of time in each day, but it always seems like we are fighting the “hands of time” to get it all done each and every day.

I have discovered some great tips to help you work more efficiently in your business, how to make more family time, and to become more present and effective all the time in your daily life.


Today I am sharing with you one of the lifestyle changes I have recently adopted to help live more simply and consciously. Shot from my home, no glam, no makeup, no nonsense.

The simple part is by choice, but I don’t think any of us have a choice when it comes to being more consumer conscious.

The planet is over-populated, over-polluted and we over-consume on a daily basis.

I am not going to bore you with fact-finding reasons why you should try this other than it has totally made me feel like I can do a small part to make a bigger impact.

It’s also made me feel lighter and has given me more of a rhyme to the reason when it comes to how we spend our money as a family.

It’s so totally easy even your kids or grand kids can do it.


First and foremost, people have been requesting this of me for a long time. And now, after many years on TV and then just as many years publishing magazines, I have decided to bring you the best of what I am living and learning each and everyday through business, entrepreneurship, writing, family, children, yoga, travel, humor, food, coffee (now you know where my brain is) with a weekly dose of Juli TV. One of the best things I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is that there are a lot of people out there trying to go at it alone, researching, updating, building websites with little to no one supporting their journey.

And its not just for the business owner or aspiring entrepreneur, THIS is for everyone! It’s about doing it together, creating a community around being happier, healthier and successful in pursuing your passions, making real positive change in your life that helps you serve in being the best YOU possible.

What will we talk about?
Lots of Marketing Tips
Your Yoga Practice
Growing Up
Growing Old
Fitness Tips
Cooking (at least a recipe here and there)
(No politics, sorry Trump)
and more++

With interviews of all kinds of OMazing people along the way. This REALLY is my favorite part. I will be attending some great conferences all over the country this summer, some perhaps in your neck of the woods, and the cameras will be rolling.

So, I promise it will worth it to subscribe. Let’s do this together!

Please share your comments below on what you want to see first. So excited to bring this to all of you and I’m honored you will watch and share when you feel connected and inspired to do so.

Sound off… I am all ears!



No more excuses that you can’t do yoga with me! Here it is, after many years of requests, I am bringing YOGA to you in the comfort of your home, office or RV!  I am super excited to share with you what I have been living and learning through Yoga while you create a practice all your own. This program is for ANYONE. ALL LEVELS. ALL AGES. ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS.

Here is more about the Online Yoga Program with Me!

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MYMSummerCover2015-WebJuli “the Yoga Teacher” has been a part of the yoga and wellness industry since teaching her first class in 1992. She began her career as a national fitness presenter and was the resident fitness expert for FOX’s morning show. She moved into her yoga studies shortly thereafter blending ancient yoga lineage with modern day sciences and has been practicing “Juli-Asana” ever since. She has a very light-hearted humor-based teaching style and enjoys reading the energy of the room and boasts a killer playlist. (Thanks to her DJ son, DJ Daboco.) Juli sits on the faculty for Meta Yoga School’s Yoga Teacher Training program, reported for Outside Television, founded GOYO Adventures – a global retreat company, is a yoga & business mentor, and is often found presenting as an inspirational figure at conferences around the country.